Registration for the MOOC “Open eTwinning” now open

Registration for the MOOC “Open eTwinning” now open


Today, Thursday May 5, registration for the MOOC Open eTwinning“ is officially open.

This INTEF MOOC, the first we offer in English from our platform, will be a good starting point for all those people interested in learning about all the possibilities offered by the eTwinning platform -which constitutes the largest teachers’ network in Europe, with over 300,000 registered teachers- so that participants can design a quality eTwinning project.

Thoughout the six weeks this 5-unit MOOC lasts, beginning on May 18 and finishing on June 29, participants will work on the fundamental concepts of eTwinning, journeying through all the lifespan of a project, beginning with the initial concept, moving on to the partner search and the negotiations to design a common project and finishing with the project implementation. The course will include the basics of Project Based Learning, as well as the pedagogical use of different ICT tools.

The MOOC will also pay special attention to the social aspect of eTwinning, not only as a platform to develop educational projects, but also as a meeting point, a place to share ideas and participate in different Professional Development activities.

Thus, when the participants complete this MOOC they will have designed a project that caters to some of their professional needs and that integrates concepts common to Team Work and Project Based Learning; they will have navigated the eTwinning dashboard and learned about its potential as an educational social network, including Professional Development; and finally, they will have negotiated and reached agreements with other teachers to allow for the successful implementation of joint projects.

Badge_MOOC_eTwinning_eng.fwAt the end of the MOOC all the participants that complete it successfully will be issued a digital badge as proof of the professional competences acquired, as well as the goals achieved. Once issued, that badge can be stored in EducaLAB’s backpack and/or exported to other backpacks and social spaces.

This MOOC will be distributed 100% in English from the INTEF MOOC platform, even if it will also be present in different social networks to facilitate connected learning. Those channels are already open and available, so participants will be able to connect before, during and after the MOOC:

Join us, meet other connected educators, have fun and learn! Registration is free!